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Born and raised in Saint Louis MO, I have long taken interest in music, audio & video production, graphic design, engineering, and a wide range of other topics and hobbies.

I have over a decade of experience in live audio/visual production for churches, schools, personal projects, and other concerts. I also have designed a variety of AV installations for a number of organizations for broadcast, projection, pro audio, and more.

Having played with multiple studio and live bands as a bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer, i have years of experience playing music on-the-fly.

I am an avid electronics hobbyist and have built a variety of electrical projects, including a series of custom guitar pedals.

I am currently in school for electrical engineering, but still enjoy playing, writing, and recording music as well as doing video production and live sound design, which includes drafting and designing project proposals for various AV needs.

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