With over a decade of experience in live sound and video production, I always love getting plugged in with new events and shows. The majority of my experience is working as a front-of-house engineer and production manager, but I am always looking to expand my experience.

I am comfortable with broadcast and recording, managing a team, designing a show, working monitors, or just mixing (my personal favorite).

As an avid live music fan, I am committed to providing your event with the absolute best work I can do. Hit the button below for more details.


Please contact me for more information on projects and quotes. 

I have designed and implemented several audio and broadcast systems for a number of organizations. My goals are always to increase efficiency, stay on a budget, and improve the quality of the system, all while preserving the spirit of the organization or company.

Project proposals come with a series of detailed write-ups, diagrams, budgeting spreadsheets, and they include meetings with organization or company leadership to find the best method of implementation. I love doing this and would be thrilled to help you or your organization out!


I have years of experience playing bass, guitar, keys, and drums in live settings. I am incredibly comfortable playing live music and have experience in rehearsed concerts, jam sessions, church worship, on-the-fly shows, and even a couple of musicals as an orchestra pit guitarist.

I love to play live with people, so if you want to book me for your next show, please contact me!

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