Be Okay

December 1st 2023

The Sunset B-Sides

August 1st 2022


First solo album - February 1st 2022

Neon Lights (Single Version)

May 15th 2021

Where Was I Going Again?

First solo single - August 1st 2020


Having played with several bands since 2014, my primary group (in high school) was the Saint Louis based duo called WITH AN ARROW. We put out several works and were always working on new projects. We are currently taking an extended hiatus, but do have more projects in the works.

Optimism 001

First Full-Length Album - TBA

Sleight of Hand

Second Single - Dec 2018

Spain (A Change of Pace)

First Single - Oct 2018

Road Trip EP

Debut EP - Jan 2017

HĂO (2014-2015)

I played briefly with a group called HĂO starting in 2014. We were originally a trio, and then became a group of four. Because of creative differences, we disbanded in 2015. A couple of us later regrouped as WITH AN ARROW.

HĂO did not publish any music, but we played several live shows in Saint Louis. Although there is nothing to display here, I am mentioning this band because it was my first experience writing and playing live music, and it laid the foundations for how I write and play today.