Released on December 1 2023, BE OKAY is a song written during a long season of long distance. The year leading up to the release of this song was an incredibly difficult one for me, and sometimes you just have to remind yourself that it's going to be okay and go back to sleep.

Below is a Spotify playlist of some of the music that was involved in the process for BE OKAY. Stylistically, this song actually took little influence from any particular bands (unlike my previous music). So, this playlist is more of a "what I've been listening to recently" collection rather than a "music that inspired this song" collection.


Bloodshot eyes

No sleep again tonight

And the night wears on

Sleepless cries

Unheard but justified

And the voice in my head

Says we'll do it again

It's gonna be okay

It'll be okay

I'm alright

Just feel a little tired

Just a lie I tell

Fooling you

I can fool myself too

But the voices around me

Keep saying again

It's gonna be okay

It'll be okay

And it's hard to tell

When you're living in a hell

If it'll be okay

Can't justify

In this broken mind of mine

So we'll say it again

It's gonna be okay

It'll be okay


Music and lyrics written and recorded by LEVI TUCKER.

Mixing and mastering by LEVI TUCKER.


Distributed by DISTROKID.COM.

Cover art designed by LEVI TUCKER.

Special thanks to ABEL TUCKER for cover art photography, ISABEL GREGOIRE for her unwavering support, and several others who provided their input on production (you know who you are).